3 Reasons To Choose A Boiler Service & Maintenance Plan (From Your Local Plumber)

"Servcie plans"

Think about those vital parts of the home which cause a real headache whenever they go wrong including the boiler, the heating and the plumbing.

Almost all of us depend on these key elements every day but rarely give them a second thought until something goes wrong. And when something goes wrong fixing the issue can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

A boiler service and maintenance plan is designed to cover these issues. For a small monthly fee, you’re protected against the cost of breakdowns. If you sign up for a plan from Gower Plumbing, Electric and Gas you will have access to our team of experienced, Gas Safe registered engineers if the worst happens.  The plans also cover regular boiler servicing which helps to prevent break downs before they happen.


People rarely think about their boiler until something goes wrong. But if such an incident has happened to you in the past, you might be worried about your boiler breaking down. If you’ve just moved into a new home, if you’re worried about not having the expertise to deal with a situation, or if you don’t know who to call when something goes wrong, you should definitely sign up to a boiler maintenance plan.

Any of our three maintenance plan options will give you peace of mind as the regular maintenance and servicing will catch issues before they happen. If your boiler did stop working, all you would have to do is place one phone call to our team.


One of the biggest benefits to these plans is the huge amount of money you’ll save. If you have ever had a burst pipe or if your boiler has stopped working, you will know the cost of bringing out an emergency plumber. It’s a fact of life that turning to a tradesman in an emergency situation can be very costly, especially if your situation occurs out of hours or during a holiday.

By paying a small monthly fee, you are protecting yourself against these emergency costs. Instead of paying top price for a one-off service, you can save money by investing in one of our plans and be sure that you will not be charged emergency call out rates when your boiler develops a pressing issue in the middle of the night.


Part of the money saving benefits of taking out a home maintenance plan is that you can start planning for the long term. Just like a car, a boiler should have regular servicing. But many people simply forget this fact. When the boiler stops working, in most instances many of the issues could have been caught at an earlier date through regular maintenance and servicing.  These regular checks are best way to guard against emergencies in your home.

With the right plan, you can take advantage of the best maintenance packages available in the local market. We’ll help you to keep your boiler in the best condition and make sure that you’re protected against any future issues which might develop.


As well as the money you save and the protection you provide for your home, a key advantage of having a comprehensive maintenance plan is the expertise, knowledge, and insight which it provides. We have been in this business for long enough to know how to deliver high quality assistance to our customers.

We are a member of Trustpilot, which is a trade site that takes stringent measures to ensure that they only take on board trades people who have a genuine reputation for delivering their services to the highest possible standards.   You can read some of our customer reviews at the bottom of our homepage.

Our team knows when a boiler needs servicing, for example, and when it might eventually need replacing. You can call our team and chat about when it’s best to think about these issues and we can provide advice and insight built on our experience. Rather than being left to plan for yourself, you can allow our team to help you plan for the maintenance of your home.

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