Do you have a Sludge problem?

Resolving Radiator Sludge & Cold Spots

One of the most common problems with radiators in both our home or our office is that they are warm at the top and sides but cold in the middle. The cause of this problem is usually a build-up of sludge in the radiator.
Many central heating systems develop this sludge over time, starting with a small amount of deposit building-up in the bottom of the radiator. As the water flows past the obstruction it is diverted into a circular pattern through the radiator and this causes a further build-up of additional deposits over time.
To remove these deposits in order to make your heating system as effective as possible requires care, since disturbing the sludge can simply redistribute it around your radiators, causing further problems in the future.

Worst case scenario, the sludge could reach your boiler and then restrict the flow of water circulating around the system.

What’s more, if you are planning to invest in a new boiler, then it is essential that any contamination and debris is removed. If not, the sludge and other contaminants could flow back to the new boiler causing poor performance and ultimately damage.
What you need to look out for to avoid major issues occurring are:

  • Cold and inefficient radiators”#radiators
  • Heating pump circulation problems
  • Noisy heating systems.

Power Flush Solution – The solution is a power flush of your heating system. A power flush will get rid of deposit build up, prevent internal system corrosion and unnecessary blockages. If you don’t take action, then you will see a gradual reduction in the efficiency of your boiler system with the sludge coating the internal piping and reducing circulating efficiency.
The main benefits of a professional power flush carried out by a plumbing company like Gower Plumbing Electric & Gas include:

  • A Warmer Home as the full surface of the radiator heats your room once the cold spots have been eradicated
  • Reduced fuel costs with improved central heating system efficiency
  • Increase in your Pump Life as your central heating pump processes will be clearing water instead of sludge
  • Reduced radiator or internal heating system Corrosion.
  • Eliminating banging Noises (kettling)
  • Prolonging the Life of your boiler.
  • How does a power flush work?

A power flush involves heated water being pumped through your heating system in order to filter out the contaminants. The Power Flush literally flushes the liquid through your central heating system; once complete your central heating system is refilled with the addition of a corrosion inhibitor to prolong its operating life.
A power flush is one of the services offered by Gower Plumbing Electric and Gas #swansea and surrounding area. One of our fully accredited plumbers will carry out an investigation of your system before carrying out the work.

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