We face all sorts of needs in a modern home.
At Gower Plumbing Electric & Gas we provide a wide range of home maintenance
services to you our customer to help you make live easier.

Drains & Blockages

Blocked Drains can be rather unwelcome in any household, preventing waste water from leaving!
Signs and Symptoms of Blocked Drains
  • Slow draining water from sinks, showers and baths
  • Foul smell coming from drains
  • Difficulty in flushing the toilet
  • Gurgling noises coming from the drains
  • How Can I Prevent Blockages?
  • Put all foreign objects in the bin, typical examples include cooking oil, nappies, baby wipes and sanitary items to name a few!
  • Don’t use excessive amounts of toilet paper
  • Keep your drains clean – Run hot water down the sink after use
  • Use a drain cleaner to maintain all of the drains in your home
  • If you have issues with your drains, call us for further information on how we can help

Power Flushing

What is Power Flushing
  • If sludge and debris is not removed from heating systems, it can accumulate in radiators, pipework and heat exchangers, causing severe blockages.  This diminishes the transfer of heat and can result in pipe, radiator valve and heating control servo valve damage. In some cases this will eventually lead to the premature failure of the boiler.
  • Power flushing is a popular method of cleaning and maintaining a central heating system. A power flushing unit sends water at high velocity through the system to dislodge and remove debris, limescale, and sludge build-up. A thorough power flush will improve heat distribution throughout the property, subsequently lowering household energy bills and increasing system reliability.

How we can help!

Did you know that a large number of boiler breakdown call outs are due to dirty water and sludge within the boiler system? If dirt and sludge have built up within your central heating system it can have a huge effect on how well your boiler runs and it’s efficiency. 

Using state of the art equipment our engineers are able to power flush your system to get it back to optimum operation.

Signs your System needs Power Flushing

  • Cold spots on radiators (even after bleeding)
  • Slow to warm central heating system
  • Discoloured water when bleeding radiators or cloudy tap water
  • Noisy boilers and heating pumps when starting the system

Gas Safety Checks

Our Gas Safe registered engineers are able to provide boiler services and gas safety certificates for you on an annual basis.
There are many benefits to gas safety checks including;
Improved efficiency leading to an overall decreased running cost, saving YOU money.
Reduces the risk of Carbon Monoxide leaks in the home and gives YOU piece of mind

Did You Know?
Incorrectly installed, poorly maintained or poorly ventilated household appliances are the most common causes of accidental exposure to carbon monoxide.  The gas is colourless and scentless, it is nearly impossible to tell if an appliance is leaking without the correct equipment.

Talk to our team today about Annual Services and Carbon Monoxide Testers for your home.